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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 02:58 - Futanaria Cum Bath
Futanaria Cum Bath

This is the first Futanaria video featuring our new star, Heidi Huge Tube, where she baths her massive futanaria shemale cock in cum. Heidi Huge Tube has got to have one of the biggest shemale futanaria cocks ever. I challenge you to find a bigger cock! Not only that, her shemale balls are like the size of grapefruits and bursting with cum. Needless to say, after almost an hour of struggle, we gave up trying to stuff her massive futanaria cock in her shorts. One look at the picture and I am sure you will understand.

The futanaria video opens with Heidi walking, her huge futanaria cock dangling down just past her knees. That's right, you read correctly. Even soft, her gargantuan shemale cock hangs down below her knees! As Heidi walks, her massive cock bounces wildly. Knowing that that turns you on, she grabs her cock and starts shaking it at the camera. As I have sometimes said, these new futanaria super cocks, seem to have a mind of their own at times. This was one such moment. As Heidi Huge Tube was swinging it at the camera, it seemed to get away on her and it took out our camera. Her huge futanaria cock totally destroyed our camera! Lucky we had a backup and didn't loose too much action.

Once in the bathroom, we had Heidi relax in the bathtub half full of water.  She is in awe at her futanaria super cock stretching down past her knees and lovingly strokes it (as much as she can reach of it)! Soon, you can see her huge shemale cock begin to swell, lengthen and harden which turns Heid on even more which causes her futanaria super cock to swell even more! This erotic cycle of growth and stimulation ended in the most massive orgasm we have ever seen. There was cum flying everywhere! We were scared of having our second and only remaining camera destroyed so tried to keep her futanaria super cock under the bath water. That was becoming increasingly difficult though as her futanaria super cock got bigger and Bigger and BIGGER and stronger and Stronger and STRONGER. Two of our crew members were trying to keep her huge futanaria shemale cock under the water but her super cock seemed to take it as some kind of challenge and seemed to double its effort to burst free! The bath water was rising as more and more cum blasted from her futanaria super cock. Soon, our feet were getting wet... Check out futanaria video and see who just got the cum bath!

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