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Monday, November 24, 2008 01:10 - Futanaria

Are you looking for free xxx shemale movie clips or free shemale sex pics of shemale monster cocks?... Look no further my friend...

These gorgeous futanaria shemales have shemale monster cocks - shemale peckers that start at the size of Suzanna Holmes and just get bigger and Bigger and BIGGER. Dara Danglemore, for example, is a futanaria sexy shemale with big dick. In fact, Ms Danglemore (see her pictures below) has the worlds biggest shemale cock to date. We havn't been able to take accurate measurements yet of her futanaria big shemale cock as it extends well beyond the end of our ruler. Soon, however, we hope to take more accurate measurements. Maybe by that time, that worlds biggest shemale cock of hers will have grown even bigger!!

Often times, when the shemale peckers are so large, the shemale is masculine looking. However, as you can see by the free shemale sex pics below, our free xxx shemale movie clips feature futanaria shemale beauties. Every one of them is a feminine shemale, a stunning shemale - a shemale dream!

You might be wondering if these futanaria shemale monster cocks can cum when they are so big.... Let me assure you that every futanaria sexy shemale with big dick can cum and cum alot. Look at the futanaria shemale dream, Caitlyn Cumgusher, below for example. When this shemale jerks off, the room is practically flooded in beautiful shemale cock cum! This futanaria shemale has been inducted to the shemale hq hall of fame cumshots. Another futanaria shemale, Natalie Nutsdeep, is known for her record breaking distance cumming. Previously, the world record, I believe, was around ten feet. Well let's just say that Natalie can blow that record by a long shot!

The good thing about having such a big shemale cock is that they can shemale self suck. That's right, there's nothing better than seeing a futanaria shemale sucking her own cock and as the shemale jerks off, she covers her face in beautiful shemale cock cum.

Our free xxx shemale movie clips feature alot of futanaria shemale on shemale sex including shemale doggystyle. Every futanaria sexy shemale with big dick thoroughly enjoys sucking a shemale with huge dick. In addition, each stunning shemale fucks sucks like a pro and always wants to join a futanaria shemale jerk off. Some of our free xxx shemale movie clips feature some shemale domination video. Stefani Spurtsawad, for example is a dominant shemale. Usually, this futanaria shemale dominates her partners into submission with her big shemale cock

Be sure to check out our site here for more free xxx shemale movie clips and free shemale sex pics of these beautiful shemale monster cocks.

Futanaria Shemale Jerks Off
Caitlyn Cumgusher (left) and Dara Danglemore (right) from futanaria are about to start a big shemale jerk off. Ms Danglemore has the worlds biggest shemale cock and when this futanaria shemale jerks off with her sexy shemale with big dick friend, they flood the room with beautiful shemale cock cum.
Futanaria Shemale Monster Cocks
These stunning shemale cuties, Natalie Nutsdeep (left) and Maritza Meatsaber (right), from futanaria each have huge shemale peckers. These futanaria shemale monster cocks have grown so much that they burst from their shorts.
Futanaria Sucking a Shemale
Both Janice Jerkinstein (left) and Tabitha Throbbinwood (right) love having futanaria shemale on shemale sex. Janice loves sucking a shemale and this shemale fucks sucks like a vacuum!
Futanaria Shemale Dominates
Futanaria shemale cuties, Stefani Spurtsawad (left) and Loann Loadblower (right) are about to engage in some shemale on shemale sex including shemale doggystyle. The blonde shemale fucks pussy hard and this futanaria shemale dominates her friend into submission.
Futanaria Shemale Self Suck
Caitlyn Cumgusher is a sexy shemale with big dick who can easily shemale self suck. Whenever this feminine shemale is horny, (which is almost always), she likes to cover her face with her beautiful shemale cock cum. This futanaria babe has been nominated to the shemale hq hall of fame cumshots.
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These shemale cuties, Janeen Junkstuffer (left) and Caitlyn Cumgusher (right), have huge shemale peckers! Each sexy shemale with big dick is very horny now and wants you to evaluate them for entry into the  shemale hq hall of fame cumshots. Cum and judge them and get drowned in beautiful shemale cock cum!
Futanaria Worlds Biggest Shemale Cock
These two futanaria shemale beauties, Dara Danglemore (left) and Caitlyn Cumgusher (right), are certainly enjoying themselves having some sexy shemale sex. That stunning shemale on the left, Dara, has the worlds biggest shemale cock.
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These two shemale cuties started some shemale on shemale sex. Unfortunately, poor Maritza Meatsaber (right) got aroused before she could remove her shorts and this sexy shemale with big dick burst out of her shorts. Natalie Nutsdeep (left) is known for her record breaking distance of shooting beautiful shemale cock cum.
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These two futanaria shemales, Tabitha Throbbinwood (left) and Janice Jerkinstein (right), are having some shemale on shemale sex. Each shemale fucks sucks like a pro and rub their huge shemale peckers together until there are two endless geysers of beautiful shemale cock cum.
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Just look at these huge futanaria shemale cum shots!! The floor is covered with beautiful shemale cock cum. The precum alone of these futanaria shemale cuties blows away the best of loads from Peter North!! Obviously, Caitlyn Cumgusher is an honorary member of the shemale hq hall of fame cumshots.
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This sexy futanaria shemale with big dick is called Stefani Spurtsawad. She has just finished a giant shemale jerk off and is kneeling in the big puddle of beautiful shemale cock cum.
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Janeen Junkstuffer (left) and Caitlyn Cumgusher (right) are two futanaria shemale beauties always ready for sucking a shemale and a shemale jerk off. Have you ever seen bigger shemale peckers!!
Tuesday, August 24, 2010 09:22 - Futanaria Sperm Bank
Futanaria Sperm Bank

Lauren works in the Futanaria Sperm Bank and today she is visited by Mandy wanting to make a cum deposit.

Lauren greets Mandy, "Hi Miss, I am Lauren, welcome to the Futanaria Sperm Bank. Are you here to make a purchase?"

Mandy hesitates and replies, "No".

Lauren looks kind of puzzled thinking to herself what the hell is she doing here then...

Having noticed her confusion, Mandy smiles and directs the attendants attention down to the huge bulge in her jeans and tells her that she wants to make a deposit.

Lauren gasps at the sight of the huge bulge and bends over to get a closer look, not believing what she is seeing, never having seen such a huge cock and much less on such a hot woman.

"That's nothing, watch this" as Mandy flexes her huge futanaria super cock it bursts from the jeans with a loud ripping sound, smacking Lauren in the face, knocking her off balance.

"Holy shit!", Lauren shrieks in absolute shock. "WoW! It is so huge and so strong!!"

"Are you going to let me make a cum deposit now?"

"Yes, yes of course miss. Let me get the milking machine."

Moments later Lauren returns with the milking machine. Having glanced at the machine, Mandy starts to chuckle. "You are going to use that on me?!"

"Yes, miss, it is the biggest machine we have. It is designed to work with cocks up to 12 inches long."

"Hold it up to my cock and explain to me how it will work!!", Mandy blurts out a little pissed, thinking... can she not see how huge and bloated my cock is?!!

Lauren holds the machine up to Mandy's futanaria super cock.

"See, look closely, even soft my cock is much bigger than your machine." Quickly Lauren turns red in embarrassment, resigning to the fact the machine is way too small. Mandy continues, "If I were to ever get hard, I would totally destroy your poor pathetic milking machine!!"

Lauren's embarrassment quickly changes to laughter, "Ha ha ha, you could never do that. This machine is made of steel."

"Let me give you one piece of advice dear" coos Lauren, "never say never or you can't to a futanaria super cock."

Lauren looks at her like ya, whatever and not quite understanding the gravity of what she was talking about. "Looks like we will have to milk you the old fashioned way. Please step over to our Futanaria Sperm Bank counter miss."

Mandy walks over to the counter and slaps her huge slab of meat on the counter. On the opposite side of the counter, Lauren is transfixed by the huge futanaria super cock.

"I think my futanaria super cock likes you." Mandy exclaims as she watches it grow bigger and Bigger and BIGGER, edging its way across the counter toward Lauren.

Cum begins to ooze out of her huge shemale cock... "wait wait wait" barks Lauren and scurries off, quickly returning with a glass beaker that is about the size of a coffee cup.

"What are you going to do with that?", Mandy looks at her smirking, half chuckling once again.

"We use it to catch the cum deposits."

"Hahahaha", Mandy laughs.

"What? What are you laughing about?"

"Dear, I think that is a little small."

"If you think you are going to try and tell my you can fill it, you are crazy. You can't fill it."

"What did you say dear?"

"You can't fill it." Lauren says matter of factly as if she was citing some irrefutable universal law from a law textbook. "Look, the largest deposit we have ever collected filled only a quarter of this beaker. So there is no way you are going to try and tell me you can fill this. You can't!"

Mandy lets out a large sigh and rolls her eyes. The amount of cum from her cock now increasingly rapidly.

Lauren is shocked, "I have never seen anyone cum so much!! How are you doing this?!!" In no time, the beaker is overflowing.

"Oh baby, I haven't started cuming yet, this is only precum."

"Ya right, hahaha. NEVER"

"What did you just say?"

With that Mandy starts cuming like a garden hose, blasting the beaker right out of her hand, drenching Laura's entire body.

The ecstasy of the cock growth and huge increasing volumes of cum overtook Mandy as she barks out, "I am going to make the ultimate deposit!" Raising her hands in the air, over her head, seeming to grab all the energy from the surroundings and directing it to her cock, the lights dimming, half yelling "I am going to burst your bank with the cum from my HUGE FUTANARIA SUPER COCK!"

"Hahaha, you can't do that!!" Lauren had no longer finished saying it, when she had realized just what she had said.

With that, the level of cum in the storeroom started to increase rapidly. Quickly, Lauren became freightened and jumped out and straddled Mandy's colossal cock and closed the storeroom window behind her. Through the closed window, one could see endless volleys of cum, the level of cum rising on the window and cum oozing out of all the cracks and crevices of the futanaria sperm bank...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010 02:58 - Futanaria Cum Bath
Futanaria Cum Bath

This is the first Futanaria video featuring our new star, Heidi Huge Tube, where she baths her massive futanaria shemale cock in cum. Heidi Huge Tube has got to have one of the biggest shemale futanaria cocks ever. I challenge you to find a bigger cock! Not only that, her shemale balls are like the size of grapefruits and bursting with cum. Needless to say, after almost an hour of struggle, we gave up trying to stuff her massive futanaria cock in her shorts. One look at the picture and I am sure you will understand.

The futanaria video opens with Heidi walking, her huge futanaria cock dangling down just past her knees. That's right, you read correctly. Even soft, her gargantuan shemale cock hangs down below her knees! As Heidi walks, her massive cock bounces wildly. Knowing that that turns you on, she grabs her cock and starts shaking it at the camera. As I have sometimes said, these new futanaria super cocks, seem to have a mind of their own at times. This was one such moment. As Heidi Huge Tube was swinging it at the camera, it seemed to get away on her and it took out our camera. Her huge futanaria cock totally destroyed our camera! Lucky we had a backup and didn't loose too much action.

Once in the bathroom, we had Heidi relax in the bathtub half full of water.  She is in awe at her futanaria super cock stretching down past her knees and lovingly strokes it (as much as she can reach of it)! Soon, you can see her huge shemale cock begin to swell, lengthen and harden which turns Heid on even more which causes her futanaria super cock to swell even more! This erotic cycle of growth and stimulation ended in the most massive orgasm we have ever seen. There was cum flying everywhere! We were scared of having our second and only remaining camera destroyed so tried to keep her futanaria super cock under the bath water. That was becoming increasingly difficult though as her futanaria super cock got bigger and Bigger and BIGGER and stronger and Stronger and STRONGER. Two of our crew members were trying to keep her huge futanaria shemale cock under the water but her super cock seemed to take it as some kind of challenge and seemed to double its effort to burst free! The bath water was rising as more and more cum blasted from her futanaria super cock. Soon, our feet were getting wet... Check out futanaria video and see who just got the cum bath!

Sunday, April 26, 2009 03:31 - Futanaria Jeans Bulging with Boners
Futanaria Jeans Bulging with Boners

Felicia Femwood from futanaria has just gotten back from the mall looking for pants and is waiting for the monorail with her huge boner bulging from her jeans when along cums Rachel Ramrod.

Both super hung futanaria babes are sitting waiting for the monorail clad in jeans when Felicia starts a conversation with Rachel..."Ya, I just came back from the mall. I went clothes shopping but I couldn't find any pants. I need like, I need to stock up on jeans. I really don't have enough. It is so hard for me to find something the right size right now."

Rachel smiles, "Ya I know, jeans are always hard to find that fit well." as they both laugh and look at each others huge bulges in their jeans.

"It's funny you have the same problem as me." exclaims Felicia happy that she has finally found someone who can understand her problems.

Rachel can't believe her luck either, "I know, it's a pretty big coincidence actually." as she strokes her own bulging boner.

Rachel Ramrod is becoming aroused and slides over closer to Felicia Femwood and asks her, "Do you always have a problem trying to fit this in somewhere?" as she masages her new futanaria friends huge bulging boner."Ya, these are custom made for me."... ...

The lovely hot futanaria babes continue getting more and more aroused as they suck each others tits. Finally, their huge bulging boners can no longer be contained by the poor jeans and they burst free... ...

Rachel pounds Felicia hard in reverse cowgirl and doggystyle ultimately completely dousing her with cum and spraying the wall with cum six feet away.

After you see the video, you will understand why Felicia has problems finding jeans and why she needs to stock up on them. Her futanaria cock is so huge that finding jeans big enough to cover it are difficult. The jeans she does find are very tight and cause her huge boner to bulge obscenely like she has stuffed a salami in her jeans. When she becomes aroused, the poor jeans don't stand a chance and just burst from the incredible pressure. Thus she needs to stock up.

If you are a lover of jeans bulging with boners then you must check out this futanaria video.

Monday, March 9, 2009 09:26 - Futanaria Bulging Underwear Galleries
Bulging Underwear Galleries

Futanaria shemales, Stefani Spurtsawad and Felicia Femwood have gotten together today to provide you with some incredible bulging underwear galleries.

The two lovely shemales are standing side by side facing us, clad in sweatpants.Their huge futanaria shemale cocks are so big, they bulge obscenely from their underwear. As they do some stretching exercises, you'll swear at times that their colossal cocks are going to burst from their poor overstretched underwear. Even moving around is cumbersome due to the massive bulges.

The stretching exercises continue as Stefani Spurtsawad, lies down on the floor, while the new futanaria sexy shemale with big dick, Felicia Femwood, helps her stretch her tight ass. While helping her stretch, Felicia accidentally touches the blondes huge shemale cock which isn't surprising when these futanaria shemale peckers stretch their underwear practically to their knees.

The two futanaria shemales become a little more frisky, touching and groping each others huge bulges. I think yours looks a little bigger than mine., remarks Felicia Femwood and so Stefani Spurtsawad suggests they compare cock sizes...

Felicia Femwood becomes too aroused to keep her throbbing cock in her underwear any more. With one last large surge, the colossal futanaria cock bursts from her poor bulging underwear...

Somehow or another, Stefani Spurtsawad managed to get a condom on her massive futanaria cock. She wastes no time in banging the brunette hard! Felicia Femwood becomes very aroused and a geyser of beautiful shemale cock cum erupts from her cock. Shortly thereafter, Stefani Spurtsawad pulls out of her and you can see the condom at the end of her cock filling and bulging with beautiful shemale cock cum. Finally, the poor condom can't take any more stretching and blasts off the end of her futanaria cock...

These two hot futanaria shemales are committed to providing you with high quality bulging underwear galleries and this new futanaria video is your ticket to orgasm.

Thursday, December 18, 2008 01:00 - Futanaria Cum Shooting Record
Cum Shooting Record

Natalie Nustdeep from futanaria has just made a new free full length downloadable shemale video showcasing her incredible huge shemale cock that blows every long distance cum shooting record by a long shot.

The scene opens with Natalie walking around outside clad in a white zippered sweat jacket. The zipper is down just below her luscious boobs and her huge futanaria cock is peaking out the top of the jacket!

As this sexy shemale with big dick walks around, you notice she is one hot, beautiful, feminine futanaria shemale big voluptous tits; luscious, meaty legs and a bubble butt a shemale dream!

Soon, Natalie unleashes her big shemale cock from the confines of her sweat jacket allowing it to bob, bounce, sway and flop around her knees as she walks around.

With all the huge cock bouncing, this beautiful futanaria shemale becomes a little horny and decides to sit down and lube up her big shemale cock. I think she had to use an entire bottle of lube to cover that shemale monster!!

After having her huge shaft lubed, Ms Nutsdeep begins to slap her tits with her cock. Ultimately, we see this incredible futanaria shemale sucking her own cock while giving herself a titfuck - yes you read right. This shemale peckers so big that she can easily suck her own cock while at the same time titfucking herself.

Becoming more and more aroused Natalie starts to masterbate. This futanaria shemale jerks off like there is no tomorrow. Soon, Natalie is cumming like  a garden hose. Spurt after spurt after spurt of beautiful shemale cock cum blasts into the air. It is like she has a cum cannon.

After seeing this high definition free full length downloadable shemale video that is almost 12 minutes long, you will understand why this futanaria babe holds the title for the worlds long distance cum shooting record.

Sunday, December 7, 2008 05:16 - Worlds Biggest Shemale Cock From Futanaria
worlds biggest shemale cock

We have just come out with some new futanaria videos featuring Dara Danglemore who currently has the worlds biggest shemale cock.

Dara is a futanaria babe who loves to read and today she has decided to relax reading a good book. The sexy shemale with big dick enters the room with the book and her huge shemale cock dangling down between her knees.

After a short time reading this erotic novel, she becomes horny and whips out her futanaria monster cock and rests it in the book. Now, the book looks to be a standard eight and a half by eleven inch size. The interesting part is how much of this worlds biggest shemale cock is hanging over the end of the book. I think it would take atleast 2 books to even come close to covering the length of this babes mega cock. Ms Danglmore uses her hard erect cock to turn the pages of the book.

As Dara becomes more and more horny, she starts to masterbate and jerk off. This futanaria shemale's cock is so big, that she can easily titfuck herself while she gives herself a blow job. Yes, you read right, this hot chick can suck her own cock and titfuck herself at the same time! I suppose this is what you can do when you have the worlds biggest shemale cock.

After a while she starts to cum. In short, let's just say that she blasts out more beautiful shemale cock cum in this short 19 plus minute futanaria video than the average man does in a lifetime!

If you are looking for the biggest of the biggest of cocks the worlds biggest shemale cock, then Dara Danglemore in these futanaria videos is the answer to your search.

Monday, December 1, 2008 12:08 - Futanaria Shemale HQ Hall of Fame Cumshots

Caitlyn Cumgusher lets out without question the worlds biggest shemale cum shot and has been inducted into the shemale hq hall of fame cumshots.

Caitlyn Cumgusher is a cute futanaria shemale with huge dick. She sits before us and we get to witness the very rare event of this futanaria shemale sucking her own cock. That's right, this shemale peckers so big that she sandwiches it between her own luscious boobs and sucks the end of her futanaria big shemale cock. Very seldom do we get to see a shemale masterbating in this way.

A short time later, after more shemale masterbating, this futanaria sexy shemale with big dick starts to cum... Caitlyn Cumgusher erupts like a volcano. Cum is exploding from her cock like a giant water fountain and you can literally hear the beautiful shemale cock cum falling to the floor like rain. This futanaria shemale with huge dick seems to cum forever spray after spray after spray of beautiful shemale cock cum vaulting way over her head and splashing down on the floor. I think she coated the entire room with cum.

After witnessing these free xxx shemale movie clips, you will be in awe and fully understand why this futanaria sexy shemale with big dick was inducted into the shemale hq hall of fame cumshots.

Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:30 - Futanaria Sexy Shemale With Big Dick

Caitlyn Cumgusher and Dara Danglemore, two futanaria sexy shemale with big dick, have teamed up to create these amazing free xxx shemale movie clips.

Both sexy futanaria shemales are sitting side by side on the couch fondling each others huge dicks. Dara Danglemore has got without a doubt the worlds biggest shemale cock. Even when she is sitting down, that huge futanaria dick stretches all the way to her knees!

Anyway, both sexy shemales, Caitlyn and Dara, slap each others tits with their colossal futanaria cocks. After rubbing their massive meatsticks together for a while, they become turned on and stand up for some shemale on shemale sex. Caitlyn slaps Dara's ass with her big cock and bangs her doggy style hard - this shemale fucks pussy!!

Not wanting to be left out, they switch positions, and Dara Danglemore tries to bang Caitlyn doggy style. I say try because Dara's futanaria cock is so big that she can only penetrate her with a small part of it.

After having got good and horny, they sit down side by side once again and selfsuck themselves!! These sexy futanaria shemale cocks are so big that they can EASILY suck their own cocks! Soon, they are literally showering themselves with shemale cum!!! - and you thought Peter North blew a good load. Hell these sexy shemales precum alone is better than any full load he has ever blown.

For the lovers of HUGE shemale cocks, blasting out endless loads of cum, this futanaria sexy shemale with big dick is your dream!!!

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